Call for Ventures at the 11th Annual Texas Life Science Forum

Pitch Your Healthtech and Life Science Company (Nov 8-9) (Closed)


Pitch to 500+ venture capitalists, corporate innovation groups, angel networks, industry leaders, academics, and service providers. Company presentations will be about 4 minutes each. Meet with investors at Office Hours. Office Hours are highly valuable, 1-on-1 meetings with VCs, corporate innovation groups, & angel investors.

Join a group of more than 568 innovative life science ventures that have presented at the premier Life Science Conference in Texas, co-hosted by Rice Alliance and BioHouston! Past presenting companies have raised $8.1B in funding with 61 exits.


Learn more about presenting at the Texas Life Science Forum. Check out the 10th Annual Presenters. 

10th Annual TLSF Awards

Congratulations to the Texas Life Science Forum 10 Most Promising Companies and Michael E. DeBakey Memorial Life Science Award winner, established by BioHouston in honor of the groundbreaking Houston cardiovascular surgeon.

10 Most Promising Companies

  • NeuraStasis (Houston) places neural tissue into stasis, giving ischemic stroke patients more time to receive treatment.

  • Maxwell Biosciences’ (Austin, Texas) CLAROMER biomimetic drug discovery platform precision-engineers small molecules that mimic and enhance peptides to create synthetic compounds with enhanced potency, safety and stability for fighting viral, bacterial, fungal and oncological threats.

  • Lapovations (Arkansas) is a medical device company creating a platform of innovative products that improve laparoscopy.

  • Drusolv Therapeutics (Pennsylvania) is a clinical-stage drug company developing a high-dose oral statin for early intervention in a blinding eye disease called age-related macular degeneration.

  • Vena Medical (Ontario) provides physicians with the world's smallest camera capable of going inside veins and arteries to help treat strokes.

  • Vivifi Medical (Houston) is developing a minimally invasive solution to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and men’s health problems through a quick and easy vascular procedure.

  • Corveus Medical (Houston) is developing a minimally invasive, catheter-based treatment to lift the clinical and economic burden of heart failure.

  • XN Health (Houston) is a medical device company combating diaphragmatic atrophy in mechanically ventilated patients to facilitate the weaning process through a novel phrenic nerve stimulation device.

  • Ares Immunotherapy (Georgia) is a solid-tumor-focused, early-stage cell therapy company based on a T-cell platform technology with better potency and persistence than other T-cells used therapeutically.

  • EMPIRI (Houston) is revolutionizing cancer care with a novel technology that accurately predicts each patient's treatment responses empirically, enabling doctors to make the optimal treatment selection for each cancer patient. 

Michael E. DeBakey Memorial Science Award

10th Annual TLSF Participating Companies

To learn more about the participating companies or connect with them, please view the company directory.

10th Annual Participating Companies

  • 4M Therapeutics
  • 7 Hills Pharma
  • Aether Therapeutics
  • Amplified Sciences
  • Ares Immunotherapy
  • Bluejay Diagnostics
  • Breathe BioMedical (formerly Picomole)
  • Corveus Medical (formerly Caridian Medical)
  • CaseCTRL
  • CellChorus
  • CorInnova
  • Crosscope
  • Cx Precision Medicine
  • Drusolv Therapeutics
  • Dynamic Light
  • Eisana
  • Hera Biotech
  • Hummingbird Bioscience
  • Immatics US
  • InformAI
  • Lantha Sensors
  • Lapovations
  • Lifelet Medical
  • Maxwell Biosciences
  • NERv Technology
  • NeuraStasis
  • Nia Therapeutics
  • OncoDrex
  • rBio
  • Ridgeline Therapeutics
  • Roboligent
  • Solenic Medical
  • Spark Biomedical
  • Starling Medical
  • Tachyon Therapeutics
  • Tesa Medical
  • TEZCAT Laboratories
  • Vascular Perfusion Solutions
  • Vena Medical
  • Vivifi Medical
  • WAVi
  • XN Health
  • YAP Therapeutics
  • Yaso Therapeutics