We're looking forward to seeing you at the 11th Annual Texas Life Science Forum on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. 

Event Schedule

11th Annual Texas Life Science Forum: November 8, 2022

  • Ann Tanabe, Chief Executive Officer, BioHouston 
    Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship 

    • Moderator: Natalie Harms, Editor, InnovationMap 
    • Tom Luby, Director, Innovation, Texas Medical Center  
    • Jan Odegard, Executive Director, The Ion
    • Michelle Stansbury, Vice President, Innovation and IT Applications, Houston Methodist
  • Isaac Middleton, COO, Texas Medical Center

  • Melanie Mansbach, Senior Director, Head of Cell Therapy Manufacturing, Lonza

    Jeffrey Wade, President & Chief Financial Officer, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

  • Tracey Davies, Chief Strategic Initiatives Officer, Chief Intellectual Property Officer, Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

  • - Bairitone Health

    - Liberate Medical

    - NUA Surgical

    - Steradian Technologies

    - Bloom Standard

  • Kristin Doyle, Deputy Executive Officer and General Counsel, Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)

  • - MusiQ Bio
    - March Biosciences
    - RiverWalk Therapeutics
    - Cellula Therapeutics

    • John (JR) Reale, Venture Lead, TMC Venture Fund; Managing Director, Integr8d Capital
    • Adam Lipman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Ecliptic Capital, Ecliptic Ventures
    • Billy Gandy, Director, Softeq Venture Studio
    • Emily Reiser, Ph.D., Associate Director, TMC Innovation
    • Joanna Nathan, MBA, CEO, Prana Thoracic
    • Sarah Hein, PhD, CEO, March Biosciences
    • Shahila Christie, PhD, VP Growth Strategy and Operations, Portal Innovations
  • Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship


  • Rachel Rath, Interim Head, JLABS@TMC and Director, BARDA Alliance


    Joanna Nathan, CEO, Prana Thoracic

    James Lancaster, CEO, Solenic Medical

    Jeff Buel, Director, Texas Government Affairs, Johnson and Johnson

    As an early driver of the Houston life science ecosystem, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS @ TMC celebrates its 7th anniversary this year. More than 100 life science companies have now been incubated and supported through JLABS @ TMC. Join us for a discussion with JLABS @ TMC alumni and current residents for lessons learned on fundraising, spinouts, navigating IP and tech transfer from academia, and leveraging ecosystem partners. We’ll also showcase priority areas of interest for Johnson & Johnson Innovation as we look towards the bright future of the life science innovation in Texas.

  • Fraser Brown, Partner, Cooley

    John Forrest, Associate, Cooley


    Doug Stoakley, President& CEO, ClearCam

    Brad Kairdolf, PhD, Senior Manager, Commercialization and Technology Management, BCM Ventures

    This panel will explore key considerations for companies that are in-licensing life sciences technologies from universities. Our panelists will discuss the top factors that drive value in a licensing deal, including how to structure IP arrangements to advance your goals. 

     Topics will include: 

    • How to structure the licensing agreement to enhance value 
    • How to work with a university and its counsel
    • Patent due diligence and contemplating co-ownership of patents
    • Strategies for effective patent portfolio development when working with a licensed portfolio


  • James Barlow, CEO & President, ImmunoGenesis

    Frank Perabo, M.D., CEO, Tachyon Therapeutics

  • Kevin Coker, Co-Founder and CEO, Proxima Clinical Research
    - Linovasc
    - Rhythio Medical
    - Vivifi Medical
    - Grapheton
    - PONS

  • Danielle Lobsinger Bush, Director of Policy, Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute (THBI)

    • Brian Toglia, Managing Director/Life Science Practice Leader, Higginbotham
    • Michael Mencher, Special Counsel, Cooley
  • - Medly Therapeutics
    - PanTher Therapeutics
    - 4M Therapeutics
    - Metaclipse Therapeutics
    - EMPIRI
    - GreenJay Therapeutics
    - Pulmotect
    - FGH Biotech
    - Hera Biotech
    - NKILT Therapeutics

    • Rebekah Gandy, AIA, NOMA, CDT, Senior Associate/Sciences Practice Area Leader, Gensler
    • Jennifer Oliverio, Senior Vice President, Transwestern
    • Greg Trujillo, Business Development, Project Executive, DPR Construction
    • Charles PowellOf Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright
  • Fischer Scientific


    - Megan Wirth, Business Development Manager, Cell & Gene Therapy,  ThermoFisher Scientific

    - Sarah Daoudi, Field Application Scientist, Cell & Gene Therapy, ThermoFisher Scientific 

  • - Moderator, Dan Watkins, Ph.D., Venture Partner and Co-Founder, Mercury Fund; CEO, Pelagos Pharma
    - Rima Chakrabarti, M.D., Partner, KdT Ventures 
    - Annie Kadota, Vice President, Southwest Life Science & Healthcare, Silicon Valley Bank 
    - Alicia Yin, Ph.D., Executive Director, 6 Dimensions Capital 

  • Moderator, James Hury, Deputy Director & Chief Innovation Officer, Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH)

    Junaid Mian, RPh, General Partner, SpaceFund

    Michael Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer, Nanoracks

    Join the Rice Life Science Venture Forum for a look at the emerging areas of space health and life science research. Three Houston-area leaders (Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH), Nanoracks and Spacefund) are leading space health and research.  Hear from the panel about Houston based resources to widen the path to market for life science companies entering for the new space race.



  • Joseph M. Conrad III, Ph.D., J.D., Senior Technology Analysis and Marketing Specialist, Technology Analysis & Marketing Unit, National Cancer Institute

    When you mention the NIH to bio-health and pharma corporate executives or their employees, the majority recognize NIH as a source of ground breaking research, excellent scientific publications and extramural grant funding – that’s itfull stop.   What many of these individuals completely miss about the NIH is that the technologies developed by NIH intramural scientists are available for licensing to start new companies or expand existing companies’ product pipelines.  Many are also unaware that their company can work with the NIH to collaboratively develop NIH technologies for commercialization by their company.   Lastly, they are also unaware that under certain circumstances, they can have their company’s technology validated in an NIH clinical setting. 

    This presentation will discuss how the NIH stimulates economic development by helping to start new companies and expand existing companies by making its technologies available for commercialization, through its licensing and collaborative development opportunities.  Attendees will learn:

    • the difference between NIH’s extramural (grant funding side) and intramural (research side) programs,
    • how to work with NIH’s intramural side from a few case studies; and
    • how to engage with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) specifically for licensing and collaborative opportunities. 
  • - Solenic Medical
    - BioPact Cellular Transport
    - Advanced Scanners
    - Visura
    - NoviRad
    - Prana Thoracic
    - TYBR Health
    - Noninvasix
    - TeVido BioDevices
    - Bondwell Technologies
    - Reglagene

  • 10 Most Promising Companies. Presented by Susan Davenport, Senior Vice President and Chief Economic Development Officer, Greater Houston Partnership
    Michael E. DeBakey Award
    People's Choice Award

  • Please join us for an hour of networking as we highlight the companies presenting at today's event.